Friday, September 4, 2009

OK... my watch reads 4:00 CST :). Contest is over, thanks to everyone who has played. The supercomputer is now processing qualifies and will randomly select the lucky boy or girl who won (not you Misty). Stay tuned for the winner announcements in a bit... Matt

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello all,

To celebrate the release of Prairie Chute 1.1 we are sponsoring a contest to find the first group of Top Dogs! This contest comes with more than respect however, we are offering three prize drawings for individuals who meet the following requirements*…


  1. Score at least 40 dogs on Easy difficulty (entered in drawing for $10 iTunes gift certificate)
  2. Score at least 30 dogs on Medium difficulty (entered in drawing for $10 iTunes gift certificate)
  3. Score at least 20 dogs on Hard difficulty (entered in drawing for $10 iTunes gift certificate)

* All scores must be posted to the “World” Leaderboard for “Dogs Landed (Score)” under their respective difficulty level to qualify.


  1. Download or upgrade to Prairie Chute 1.1 today!

  2. Touch the SCORES button on the Main Menu to access the AGON interface, pick a unique user name and go online.
  1. Touch the Profile button at the bottom of the screen, then Edit at the top to enter your information. Don’t forget to set up your location while you are here so you can see how you compare to others near you!
  1. Be sure to enter a valid email address so we have a way to contact you if you are a contest winner.
  1. Touch Save at the top of the Edit Profile screen to save your profile information.
  1. Play as much as you want on each difficulty level to reach the required scores. All scores must be posted to the online (“World”) leaderboard to qualify for the contest.

  2. If you qualify, please invite me as a friend through AGON (MattMob) so I can have access to your email if you win.
    At 4:00 CST (Central Standard Time, U.S.) on Friday, September 4th, 2009 we will collect all user names that accomplished the above requirements and hold a drawing for each respective difficulty level.
  1. Each unique player can only win one drawing. We will notify the winners by email (so be sure to include one in your profile if you wish to compete). If there is no email entered on your profile, we will randomly select another player that qualifies for the prize.

Good luck… and happy chuting J